Komatsu CD60R-2

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The Kumatsu CD60R-2 crawler carrier The 360 degree rotation ability with the swivel box allows the operator to face forward under any conditions. Ideal for low ground pressure applications such as soggy land, sand, or snow, the CD60R-2 will minimize site-damage. In areas too steep or unstable for a wheeled truck or skid steer, the CD60R-2 excells due to it's impressive stability.

 It has an enclosed cab with superior ventilation, A/C, and excellent seating position. Forward / Reverse controlled with hand levers, and dumping is controlled by a foot pedal for a smooth balance of hand and foot control. 


This crawler dumper is ideal for 

  • Steep slopes 
  • Sand
  • Snow
  • Dike building 
  • Soft and swampy 
Engine Komatsu S6DI02ER A
Flywheel Horsepower 133HP
Max Payload 13,230lb
Dump Clearance 3'1" 930mm
Speed 8.5km/h
Operating Weight 18,740lb
Max dump angle 58 degrees
Gradeability 30 degrees