Yanmar C50 R Crawler Carrier Rental w Swivel

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Need to rent a Yanmar C50R crawler carrier with swivel/rotax for extreme conditions

The Yanmar C50R - 3 All-Terrain Crawler Carrier rental is a workhorse, especially under extreme conditions where ordinary trucks or skid steers can not operate. The Yanmar C50R models available for rent all are equiped with 180 degree swivel dump option so that you can dump off the sides or rear. The slim-bodied C50R - 3C with its unique revolving swivel box and operator's seat offers versatility no ordinary crawler carrier can match. 

The C50R - 3 high floatation capability associated with low ground pressure allows productive operation in wet muddy conditions and minimizes disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas.

The C50R is ideal for use on:

  • Steep slopes
  • Sand
  • Snow
  • Dike Building where 180 degree swivel is required to dump of sides or rear
  • Soft and swampy areas

The Yanmar C50R crawler carrier rental has an operating weight of 11,660 lbs. With a load capacity of 8,380 lbs.

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Operating Weight (Canopy/one-way dump)
11,660 lbs (5,290kg)
Operating Weight (Canopy/three-way dump)
Engine Type
Water-cooled 4 cylinder diesel
Engine Model
Engine Output
103.3 HP/2,200 RPM
Engine Displacement
Two-speed Automatic Hydrostatic
Max payload
8,380 lbs (3,800kg)
Dumping angle (rear)
65 degrees
Dumping angle (side)
Dump body Capacity/Struck
1.8cu.yds (1.4cu.m)
Dump body Capacity/Heaped
3.0cu.yds (2.3cu.m)
Traveling Speed (forward)
5.7 mph(9.2 km/h)
Traveling Speed (reverse)
5.7mph(9.2 km/h)
Crawler width
1'6" (450mm)
Min ground clearance
1'5" (435mm)
Ground contact pressure (one-way dump, w/o load)
26.2 psi (18.1 kPa)
Ground contact pressure (one-way dump, w/ load)
4.50 psi (31.0 kPa)
Ground contact pressure (three-way dump, w/o load)
2.71 psi (18.6 kPa)
Ground contact pressure (three-way dump, w/ load)
4.59 psi (31.6 kPa)
Service brake
Parking brake
Wet Multiple disk
Control valve
Pilot controlled spool valve
Overall length
14'11" (4,540 mm)
Overall width (one-way dump)
8'8" (2,640mm)
Overall width (three-way dump)
Overall height
8'9" (2,675 mm)
Dimensions (inside) LxWxH (one-way dump)
8'2"(2,500) x 6'1"(1,850mm) x 1'(300mm)
Dimensions (inside) LxWxH (three-way dump)
Floor plate thickness
Gate post thickness
Fuel tank capacity
22 Gals (82.0 L)
Hydraulic tank capacity