Hyundai 940TM Loader

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The Komatsu 940TM wheel loader is comfortable, efficient and productive, making it an operator favorite. A travel speed of 40 km/h forwards and 26.1 km/h in reverse makes this loader more effecient on-site. An integrated rear view camera, viewable through the widescreen monitor, helps with safety and precision. Ideal for use in agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, public works, road construction, scrap yards, utilities, waste, and more. 
Power:  Equipped with a 2.3 cubic meter bucket and 156hp, this wheel loader delivers maximum performance, capable of loads of up to 16,310 pounds. The bucket breakout force is 23,880lbs. 
Dump Height: 2,840mm (9 ft 3 inches)    
Efficiency: The eco pedal helps to reduce fuel burn when throttling between zero and 85% of full power. The operator can adjust settings for tougher jobs, increasing the eco pedal to run at 100% of available power. 
Comfort: Cabs on the HL 940TM are 10% larger than previous models, offering superior floor space and improved visibility. The HL940TM has one of the quietest cabs in the industry. The cab features a heated air-ride seat that is fully customizable based on the operator's preferences. 

Engine Model Cummins QSB6.7
Net Power 156 hp (116kW) at 2,100 rpm
Maximum Torque 86 kgm (622 lb ft) / 1500 rpm
Operating Weight 13,600kg (29,980 lbs) 
Bucket Capacity (Heaped) 2.3 cubic meters 
Bucket Breakout Force 10,830 kg (23,880 lbs) 
Full turn tipping load 7,400 kg (16,310 lbs) 
Travel speed forward 40 km/h
Travel speed reverse  26.1 km/h
Dump clearance with bucket 2,840 mm (9ft 3 inches) 
Configuration Tool master